What is PVC?

PVC stands for poly vinyl chloride and is one of the most versatile polymer in use today. PVC is manufactured using PVC resin and additives such as stabilisers, lubricants, plasticizers, pigments, modifiers etc. PVC can be manufactured in various hardness ranging from Shore A to Shore D and as such finds applications in variety of products in all kinds of industries.

Extrusion is the most common process that can be used to make all kinds of PVC extruded profiles, sheets, tubes, gaskets, films, etc.


PVC profiles can be manufactured both in rigid and flexible forms for any general or specialised industrial and commercial applications. Applications such as garden hose, refrigerator door gaskets, automotive sealing systems, fenestration seals etc are some of the common applications.

PVC profiles are available in a wide range of cross-section shapes and thicknesses depending upon their end use. PVC profiles are used extensively in a variety of industrial applications such as packaging material, agricultural machinery parts, refrigeration units etc.

PVC Profiles

PVC profiles and PVC extruded parts can be manufactured both for large volume applications and for custom made for small quantity productions. PVC Profile extrusion process can be used to manufacture any shape and size using Twin screw extrusion technology for large volume production or single screw technology for low volume production.

With a focus on Custom PVC extrusion, Xtruline can take any challenge to help solve its customers toughest problems.

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Xtruline India’s top PVC profile extrusion manufacturer

Xtruline has advanced infrastructure equipped with both twin screw and single screw technology machines to produce the best PVC profiles. The facilities include inhouse PVC compounding, inhouse tool room for new part development and a full fledged laboratory to conduct comprehensive RM and product testing. This together enables the company to produce the best PVC profiles to satisfy all the needs of our customers.