Frosted light diffuser and frosted acrylic diffuser

Xtruline is the industry leader in plastic diffusers and has excelled in providing our clients with the best quality products. We have a team of experts who are highly qualified and skilled, who can produce any type of frosted light diffuser according to the requirements of our clients. We use premium quality material in our production process so that we can provide you with a product which is durable and long lasting.

A frosted light diffuser is a translucent profile made to diffuse the light coming through it for variety of LED light applications. Light diffusers are used to soften the intensity and reduce the harshness of bright lights.
Frosted light diffusers make the lighting fixture more aesthetically pleasing with a premium look and also improves the light diffusion properties of the fixture.

If you’re looking for an easy way to add a touch of light to your space, a Frosted Light Diffuser is the perfect solution! These diffusers come in a variety of shapes, sizes and colors and can be used in any space. They are designed to be used with incandescent or halogen lights, making them perfect for the bathroom or kitchen.
Industries such as manufacturing, advertising, retail stores, architecture, and interior design all use this material. The main purpose of using frosted light diffusers in these industries is to make the lighting more uniform and create a pleasant atmosphere for customers.

What Is a Frosted Acrylic Diffuser?

If you’re looking for a way to add some elegance and drama to your home or business, look no further than our frosted acrylic diffusers. These diffusers are made of clear, high-quality acrylic that has been given a sandblasted finish. The result is an elegant touch to any room, with light shining through the frosted surface rather than reflecting off it.
Acrylic diffusers work better than glass because they have better absorption properties and can be safely used around water and other liquids without the risk of breaking or cracking. They also allow for more light to pass through them than traditional glass or plastic diffusers, making them perfect for use in offices, bathrooms or kitchens where you want plenty of lighting without having to worry about safety issues from breakage or cracks.