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Plastic Extrusion Profiles & Parts

Plastic extrusion is a process where plastic is first melted and then pushed out through a die and then cooled to form a continuous 2-D form known as either a pipe or a profile. This process is used to mass produce parts such as pipes, sheets and films, wires & cables, UPVC door windows, partition panels and many parts for a variety of applications.

Extrusion parts can be made in any commodity or engineered plastic with various physical properties depending upon the application and variety of colors and finishes.

Xtruline is a specialised profile extrusion company that focuses on taking up challenging product developments meeting most stringent performance and dimensional requirements and stands out in the market for excellent quality and reliability. Manufacturing of extruded plastic can be taken up in either bulk quantities or in smaller lots as per customer needs.

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Pipe and profile extrusions find applications in variety of industries such plumbing & drainage, irrigation, fenestration, electrical, HVAC, Lighting, furniture and all kinds of industrial and commercial applications.

Pipe and profile extrusions are made from PVC, ABS or PE. The PVC offers excellent resistance to chemicals and many organic solvents. It also exhibits good impact strength and heat resistance. ABS pipe is highly resistant to most chemicals and solvents as well as acids & bases; however it is not resistant to UV light. PE pipe has excellent resistance to chemicals, but it is not resistant to acids & bases or low temperatures.

Extrusion Products:

  1. Plastic Pipes: can be of two types
  1. Rigid: include pipes for hot & cold water, drainage & sewage, irrigation and infrastructure, wiring conduits, underground cable conduits, industrial chemical transfer, air & gas.
  2. Flexible pipes: are used for gardening, manual watering, wiring protection, air and exhaust, pneumatics, liquid conveyance, medical tubings

2. Plastic Profiles: have many varieties

  1. Rigid PVC profiles: find applications in door & windows, refrigeration, furniture, electrical etc
  2. Flexible profiles: door/window gaskets, seals, medical profiles etc
  3. Engineering plastic profiles: lighting and all kinds of custom applications


Pipe and profile extrusion undergo a lot of planning during the design phase. These include die size, shape, technique, and material. Manufacturing is done based on application criteria and needs, such as manufacturing volume, tolerances, predicted stresses, colour demands, etc.,

Due to the ease with which materials and dies can be altered, we provide an almost infinite number of customised plastic extrusion services. Extrusions with unique colours, thicknesses, textures, harnesses, and other features can be designed and produced by them.


Extruded plastic is chosen for a variety of reasons, including how transparent they are and how they respond to particular substances. When more than one material is needed for a particular purpose, engineers may combine two polymers using coextrusion. There is a significant selection of polymers that can be used for plastic extrusion services. PVC, ABS, Low density polyethylene (LDPE), high density polyethylene (HDPE), vinyl, polypropylene, polystyrene, PC, PMMA, PETG are among the materials included in it.

Some Types of Extrusions are:

Tube ExtrusionContinuous ExtrusionCustom Profile Plastic Extrusion
Rigid Plastic ExtrusionsC Channel ExtrusionChannel Extrusion
Corner ExtrusionCurved ExtrusionDouble Angle Extrusion
H ExtrusionHollow Profile ExtrusionSlotted Extrusion
Square Extrusion15mm Extrusion20mm Extrusion
Angle ExtrusionExtrusion FormingFraming Extrusion
Furniture ExtrusionHollow ExtrusionPlastic Extrusions For Boards And Panels
Plastic T Slot ExtrusionRoad Case ExtrusionsU Channel Extrusion
Z ExtrusionPrecision Tubing Extrusion

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