Polycarbonate diffuser, polycarbonate PC profile extrusion

Polycarbonate (PC) profile extrusion and Polycarbonate extruded parts

Melted polycarbonate, commonly known as resin, is forced through a die into a shape with a fixed cross-section throughout this procedure. In addition, polycarbonate extrusion is the preferred method for creating a variety of shapes for both home and industrial product uses specially in the lighting industry. It is a complicated procedure that needs the greatest tools and expertise to produce the desired outcomes. The good news is that you can either utilise the extruded goods as-is or, even better, modify them to create more intricate assemblies.

Diffusers made of polycarbonate (PC) are strong, light plastic sheets with excellent optical qualities. These are simple to shape- and size-machine and thermoform into any bespoke. Due to their strengths, durability, and light weight, they are suitable for lighting applications, especially in the mass transportation and aerospace industries. These materials are also suitable for lighting fixtures, commercial lighting, retail merchandising, menu boards, jewellery boxes, lenses, and lighting panels (LED Panel light – LED diffuser) among other lighting-related applications.

Our diffusers are extremely optically clear, transmit light well, are heat and impact resistant, and maintain their colour over time.

According to technical specifications, we have a wide variety of polycarbonate diffusers including varied light transmission percentages, haze values, UV resistance, light diffusion quality, and UL flammability.