Plastic extruded parts and extruded profile

Top plastic profile supplier in India

Ajay group is the country’s largest plastic profile supplier and an integrated extrusion company that specialises in extrusion of pipes, automobile sealing systems, refrigeration door gasket and rigid parts, parts for the lighting industry and customised parts for all kinds of challenging applications.

It deals in both standard extruded plastic sections and custom extruded parts based on customer specifications.

Xtruline is latest division of the group that besides offering PVC extruded plastic profiles focuses on engineering plastic extruded sections for demanding applications. Xtruline’s high-quality products are used in various sectors such as automotive, construction and transportation. We have a wide range of solutions that can be customized to meet your needs. Our expertise in working with customers and our global presence allow us to provide the right solution to your project.

Standard extruded plastic sections

These can be chosen from Xtrulines comprehensive catalogue. These can be manufactured in any length and color and with any kind of post processing. However changes in shape and part dimensions are not possible.
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Standard profiles Photo

Custom Extruded parts

Custom parts can be developed in very short time to any customer dimension, tolerance, fitment, finish and specification. For part accuracy, customers are encouraged to interact with the Xtruline team for better understanding of the application. Value added services can be provided so as to reduce effort for users.

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Custom profiles photo

Extruded plastic profile development process

The development process of any new extrusion parts involves:

1. Part drawing
2. Identification of material
3. Assembly & Fitment requirements
4. Fit & Finish needs
5. Drawings & specs are shared with customer
6. Once technical parameters and commercials are agreed, part development starts
7. Tooling development
8. Trial material procurement
9. Tooling trials
10. Sample submission
11. Commercial production