Acrylic diffuser, Acrylic extrusion, PMMA diffuser

Polymers made of methyl methacrylate are also referred to as acrylic (PMMA). Extruded acrylic is a great option for optical applications such as light diffusers due to its exceptional clarity and low UV sensitivity. Despite first appearing to be more expensive than other extruded plastics, acrylic extrusions have significant advantages in the automotive, lighting, and retail industries.

Acrylic is a durable, flexible material that can be moulded into any shape. Acrylic fluorescent light diffusers are usually made of clear or coloured material and can be formed into virtually any shape and length. The resulting shapes are then mounted on a frame to create the desired effect.

Because acrylic is so versatile, it’s easy to adapt it for almost any use. Because of its low weight and high strength, it’s ideal for applications where you need light diffusers that won’t sag or break under their own weight. When used as an overhead diffuser in commercial spaces or residential areas, acrylic fluorescent light diffusers can help reduce glare from overhead lights or bright sunlight coming through windows by providing an even distribution of soft light throughout a room.

Acrylic properties

Because it has strong impact resistance and exceptional optical clarity, acrylic is frequently used as a glass alternative. Acrylic’s low specific gravity, superior chemical and heat resistance, hardness, and strong weather resistance for outdoor applications are among of its other crucial characteristics.

Utilizing acrylic extrusions

We specialise in producing custom acrylic extrusions in clear, solid, and translucent colours, including square and round acrylic rods, tubes, trims, and profiles.

Extruded acrylic can be used to make a wide range of items, such as:

lenses, refractors, and diffusers for lighting

Display racks, shelves, and trim

Automobile trimmings

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