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XTRULINE, with its vast experience backed with technical know-how has catered to different segments/ industries with the help of more than 100 extruded products. Today, Xtruline is recognized for efficient engineering and competent craftsmanship with products supplied to all possible industries, where plastics extrusions are being used.

Lighting and Illumination

We address all factors germane to designing the different lighting needs for diverse usage. We work closely with all our business partners for tailor-made lighting solutions that enhance the lumen efficiency and overall aesthetics.e.g.

xtruline Transparent extrusion profiles

General lighting

  • Elegant and attractive surface.
  • High light transmission.
  • Impact resistant.
  • Diffused light spread.
  • Hiding light source.
xtruline translucent extrusion profiles

Architectural & Designer lighting

  • Designer lighting profiles.
  • Specialized lighting.
  • Co extruded lighting profiles.
  • Etch/Frosted lighting profiles.
xtruline multicolor extrusion profiles

High-quality bathroom lighting

  • Lighting covers for bathroom cabinets.
  • Low inner reflection lighting profiles.
  • Subtle yet brilliant lighting profiles.
  • Prismatic surface is the suitable solution for optimal light
    direct effect.
  • Satin surface is the suitable solution for homogeneous light
    distribution effect.

Flexible Power Outlets

  • Mainline is a worldwide-patented flexible power outlet system from Power Data Corporation, Australia, which enables truly flexible access to power “when and where it is needed.”
  • By inserting one of our power or data sockets into the track and twisting to make a connection, you have an access as per your requirement and without any limitations.
  • Mainline is being manufactured in India by Xtruline for their global requirement through an exclusive licensing agreement.

For more details visit www.mainlinepower.com


xtruline Co-extrusion profiles

Extruded profiles for bus and train applications

  • Specialized thermoplastic profiles for buses, coaches, railway carriages, trams and subway.
  • Carrier profiles, cover sections, edge sealing and stairwell sections, fender welts, filler sections, handrail profiles, piping, sealing sections.
  • Profiles made of plastic for protection, sealing, decorative and edge-protection purposes.

Building Industry

Polycarbonate Wall Protection

  • Flameproof profiles for wall protection composed of polycarbonate, which is especially designed to protect walls, corners and doors from impacts and friction. It complies with the strictest requirements of fire resistance, electrical resistance, chemical resistance, light resistance and heat resistance.
  • Free of halogens (fluorine, chlorine, bromine, iodine) and of heavy metals, it is environment friendly.
  • Excellent mechanical resistance to impacts, easy to work with and install, completely maintenance-free and with long lasting properties.
  • Due to its extreme hardness and durability, wall protection and covering systems protect your walls with maximum efficiency thus forestalling the negative image of your installations and of the activity that goes on in them.

Trade Fairs / Modern Retail

xtruline Acrylic Tubes profiles

Co-extruded/multicolor profiles with
varied applications

  • Profiles for trade fairs/exhibitions.
  • Profiles for POS/Display.
  • Profiles for illuminated advertising.
  • Extruded profiles for signages.


xtruline pc tubes profiles

Polycarbonate and acrylic tubes

  • The polycarbonate/ acrylic (PMMA) tubes are supplied with transparent color or in satin/frosted finish such as to create diffused effects.
  • Extruded acrylic tubes are also available with high-impact grade. It is a modified type of PMMA that can grant an improved impact resistance, many times higher than the normal acrylic, keeping excellent characteristics of the standard PMMA, such as transparency, weather resistance and ease of processing.
  • UV-protected, high impact resistance and service temperature resistance tubes for varied applications.


Glass Joint Transparent Profiles

  • Glazing for system partitions.
  • Transparent glass wall joint for windows.
  • Transparent joints for wall system partitions.
  • Extruded profiles for shower cubicles.


XTRULINE offers pipes and tubes as per the healthcare OEM standards requirement with varied polymers materials like ABS/ Acrylic/ EVA / HIPS / HDPE / LD / LLDPE / Nylon / Polycarbonate / Polystyrene / PBT / PES / PPVC / SAN / TPE / UPVC / Non Toxic / Conductive / Antistatic / UV Stabilize, and other materials as per the customer requirement.

These pipes / tubes are being used in a number of applications in the medical/healthcare industry.