Xtruline - Plastic Extrusion Tecnology

About Us

Xtruline Architectural Lighting fixtures XTRULINE is an Ajay Group Company, the pioneer in introducing Plastic extrusion technology in India. As a group, this saga goes way back to 1961 with more than 50 years of experience in the plastic extrusion industry in India and serving different industries with their customized profile requirements. Xtruline, introduced for the production and commercialization of profiles in different plastics material is the result of a vast know-how in the extrusion sector. Knowledge combined with competence in utilization of different plastic materials has enabled Xtruline to satisfy the requirements of customers in terms of design, realization and production of profiles used for different applications in industrial and commercial sectors. Xtruline has successfully offered and continues to offer its customers, total support for the development and production of plastic profiles, tubes, sheets and injection molding components. Xtruline is specialized in design and extrusion of a wide range of polymers including Polycarbonate, Acrylic, ABS, Blend and PVC, in order to satisfy the most specific and customized requirements.

As the Group’s core philosophy, we believe in surpassing different benchmarks with stronger vision, responsible mission and receptive approach towards bigger breakthroughs in the extrusion technology.

Corporate Social Responsibility

XTRULINE is dedicated to quality and excellence that reflects in its approach towards environment and safety of its employees. Throughout our manufacturing and execution, we ensure an intelligent use of resources and take responsible initiatives that take care of environment. We have introduced appropriate programs to monitor environmental risks in time and enable our employees operate in a healthy and safe workplace.


Recycling is a significant way of not only reducing waste, but also saving costs. The process makes the right application of materials and gives back to nature in re-usable form. We evaluate the possible use of the recyclable materials in course of the extrusion process.